Project Description

NIssan HQ

Size 5000
Scope Complete Interior Design
Location Riyadh
Duration 2018
Client Al Issa

Innovation that Excites. Nissan’s corporate mantra can be seen in all of its cars, offices, and even team culture. The Japanese car manufacturer has long created its brand as a driver of innovation and cutting-edge design. At Al Issa HQ, Qdesign took into consideration that the architecture needs to be high-end, classy, modern, and timeless. While choosing the material to decorate the interior, Qdesign team opted for white marble and oak wood, to highlight the company’s iconic design elements and resilience. Also, the white marble’s reflective nature adds gravitas to the reception area where customers are met with a smile and a handshake. The 5000 sqm project accommodates the entire team while also serving as a hub for creative work and exceptional customer support.